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ЗЕВСАЖ #1 | Порш Каен и BMW

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Guys, now we're at Porsche Centre and this is a new Cayenne S..

It's a very cool car and now we're going to find out everything about it. Dima is going to sell it to us. Hello everyone. This is Cayenne S. It's 2.9 biturbo, 440 HP. This beauty can accelarate from 0-62 mph in 4.9 s. Besides the fact that it's a sports car, it's very and very comfortable..

You can feel it while driving in the city and you'll also see how much it's dynamic in the city. -126.000 €, will you just go and buy it? -Easily. Well, okay. Guys, does anybody need it? Yes. And we're also going to take this grey baby with the same engine..

And we're oging to drive it too..

-Is it a new one? -It's the latest one. It's the latest model. It's just amazing. How much does it cost? This one is 163.000. -Euro? -Everything is in Euro. In Ukraine everything is in Euro. -Have you drive X5? -Of course. What's the difference between it and Cayenne? -They are completely different. -Why? BMW is a more social oriented brand..

-Well yes. -Porsche is a philosophy. -VIP? -Yes, you can say so. It's more luxurious. Is there anybody VIP, guys? And if our subscribers say they're from zeus, will you give them a discount?.

We get about 100k views on each video and about 30% are from Kharkiv..

So somebody can come and say he's from me..

If they buy Panamera like you, then we will. -Really? -Of course. Guys, who wants to buy both Panamera and Cayenne and has a bunch of money.

You'll get a discount. That's the back. It looks so great. But the emotions you get from driving cover all the expenses..

So you just sit and enjoy yourself. We'll see. Enough talk, let's go!.

In this car you want to drive faster. Want to do at least like this. To turn left..

A brand new technology: window regulator. It's only in a new model. It's cool. It's a crossover. Said it and drove away..

It's Porsche-like..

How much? 87 mph I don't even feel 62 mph. At all. It feels like 31..

It's a high quality material..

In this car you want to press the pedal and go 125 mph..

It has 440 HP like BMW M models..

So it's something like this. Well, BMW M is more like Turbo. Now it has a new big screen. Can I watch films here? -Yes, of course. -Really? Does it connect to wi-fi? -You can insert a SIM card there. -A SIM card? Yes, there's a special slot in your armrest. Is it a new technology? 'cause the last car didn't have it. Yes. -So I can insert a SIM card there. -Yes and you can use your mobile Internet.

And you'll get the same apps you use on your phone.

-also... -so I can watch youtube and use Internet? Yes. And you can use your mobile Internet or wi-fi. Wow. And you don't need anything else. Now everybody tends to choose electric motors. -Everything goes to it. -Yes, yes. But most clients....

To 2020. May be a bit later. It feels strange a bit, let's add some speed. P.S Changed to Panamera.

That's how everything works. You feel it rightaway thay you're in sedan..

Wow. It just flew. It's not S. I even got sick..

No, it's sokmething more serious. It's more powerful than Cayenne..

It's more serious. It's just insane. It destroys. Yes, now I feel it. It feels like it's about 20% faster..

It seems like it accelerates faster..

You felt it, right? Though it has the same number of HP, right? There are different suspensions. So you can regulate it. -How can you regulate it? How much higher? -You can make it softer, for example..

You can make it higher. -You can do it using your touch screen. -Where? Ground clearance is normal. You can set it high and low..

Let's make it higher. -It's about 187-188.000 $. -About 190.000..

How can you rate the configurations from 1 to 10?.

-It's 8. -8, right?.

Dima, won't you vomit? Or I can drive you to this condition?.

You'll be the first one to know. Or it will be Porsche. I don't want it to happen. Me neither. That's crazy. I don't even know what to do. So about 50 people ordered Cayenne. How many of them tested it? One at least?.

Without test - 5-7% and the rest is with test..

Seriously? So they don't necessarily have to drive it..

But everyone tested it. But want did they want? They wanted to see the interior, too. Some wanted to see the difference from the last one in driving. Some wanted to see what Cayenne is because it was their first one. Thanks God we have 50 orders in the country with mess and without money..

From 120.000 Euro. How much does the Basic configuration cost? -Cayenne? 82.000 Euro. -Only 82? That's not big money..

I think we should buy it. Right after Porsche Centre we went to 4 Rings centre..

And we're going to test Q8. To be honest, I didn't like it on photos..

And I haven't seen it before in life and now I think it's so cool..

Let's go. It's compared with a new Lamborghini Urus..

The specialist is going to tell us about it. There are no frames..

It's Cayenne's competitore. The same engine, 340 HP, acceleration is 6s..

-And now we give a discount. -How many HP? 340. Like Cayenne. The same. Well, we drove Cayenne S. Is it an ordinary one or it is turbocharged?.

There are only two versions: 3 litre gasoline and 3 litre diesel engine. This one is diesel version. It costs 84.000 Euro. Gasoline version costs 80.000 Euro in the same configuration. Start the car. -This is also a screen, right? -Right. Both this and this? -Can I insert a SIM card? -Yes. -Almost all new cars have this technology. -Yes..

Even in new cars like A6, A7, A8. There a touch response screen. You can feel a click. To avoid accidental touches, press till you hear a click..

Ah, yeah, I feel it. Against accidental touches. And if I touch it unintentionally? You can also regulate the volume here..

In this version there is Bang & Olufsen Premium 705 watts..

It is used in alll new versions..

We don't use a basic one anymore. Thanks a lot. Now we're going to drive it and feel all the emotions..

And one more difference is that we use Matrix headlights..

Looks amazing. There are different daytime running lights. What is it? It's adaptive Cruise control with Stop & Go..

It helps you regulate the interval to the vehicle ahead up to a complete stop..

There is a new exclusive feature: 360 degree cameras. Though a new BMW X5 have it, too..

Cool, cool. Oh, like that? I like what I feel right now. I feel something new, I like the wheel. -What's the engine? -TDI 286 HP..

It is soft, I like it. The suspension is now in comfort mode. But there are not original alloy wheels so Brakes are good, I like how it slows down. -Like all German cars? -Yes. Cayenne drove so fast, I was afraid it wouldn't stop..

But it slowed down well. I love how BMW brakes..

It drives not bad. Not 440 HP, though..

Turn left. Like in Cayenne S. -Here are 280. -286 diesel HP, torque 600 N·m..

But the German slowed down start in all diesel cars due to ecology..

You can remove it and choose a sport mode. -We have a sport mode, really? Where is it? -Yes, we have..

Now we're in sport mode. -Transmissions are longer. -Yes, I feel it..

Well, it goes smoothly and well but it lacks something. Diesel engine is more torquey, of course. Yes, it's a bit more slow thinker but it's due to ecological reasons..

Because the CO2 emission is the highest during the start. The road is bad here, the suspension works great. Yes, yes, it does its job. -6800 Euro. -6000 Euro just for car seats? It's an expensive leather Feinnappa. -Go down, right? -Yes. Now you can see how Matrix headlights work. It shines further and is brighter than LED lights. And it's smarter..

What can we do if we got stuck in snow? -It can handle up to 26cm of snow. -Does it get higher? I can feel it. Slowly. Do you feel it? This technology is popular now. It's been used since long ago. I like this feature with cameras..

-Calm, cal, just turn. -I just want to see how it will react..

It shows itself well on the road. Don't know, I like it. Can I order seat massager?.

-Yes, of course. I'll show it to you now. -Do you have it here? -Yes. -Wow, you have it here. We forgot about it. -That's why seats cost so much. -No, it is a separate option. 1000 Euro..

Only 1000? Not that much, I think. Those comfort seats are of leather Feinnappa and they have airing..

-That's why they're more expensive. -Massage seat is a cool thing..

So, what can I tell you, guys? The first thing I notice is the smell of a new leather. It's very cool. All cars have this smell of a new car..

Everything is touch-sensitive. All three cars are similar in this aspect..

Yes, but there is also an ordinary remote controller. And it's very convenient unlike in those cars because you can't press buttons while driving. Where can I install a SIM card here? In the armrest like in Audi and Porsche?.

-BMW doesn't have this feature at all. -It has but not in our market. Now we are in a new X5. That's all. The car is cool. The wheel heating is not on the side.

Like in mine but now it's here. So that you can see it. Because I drove my and didn't even know about it..

They all look alike, touch screens..

Pressed home button. Now we have specialists with us who can tell us everything in details. What has changed?.

In my opinion the control is more convenient here than in Porsche and Q8.

Beacuse you have buttons here. Because it's difficult to use touch screen while driving..

It's BMW and it's convenient. Here only the screen is touch-sensitive. -There is also a gesture control. -How's that? You mean on the screen? Change radio stations. Turn on, turn off. -Volume. -Seriously?.

That's cool. Guys, you can sell it now. That's it, I fell in love with it..

Look, I turned it off. That's a cool thing. That's only in BMW? I haven't heard about it in other cars..

Yes, it's only in BMW. It's very convenient that you if you turn on the wheel heating the armrest heats as well..

-Here? -Yes, and on the doors. I feel that it's already warm. Did we just turn it on? Cool. There is also heating and cooling of cup, right? Yes, it's convenient to get the right temperature. So if in summer you want to have something cool, just place a cup here..

And it can also heat it. That's really great. Looks like wi-fi. But there's no wi-fi system, right? You can use wi-fi and everything on your phone will be there..

So if I watch a film on my phone, it'll be shown here as well. It all connects via wi-fi but not during driving for safety reasons. -Not in driving? -The image goes off, the sound remains. So that the driver couldn't distract and run into somebody..

Not to run into accident you can install driving assistant professional -a system which controls the situation. -That's interesting, tell us more..

If you're running into an accident, the car will stop..

-How much is the basic configuration? -58.000 Euro..

Basic configuration, navigation, a big screen leather sports seats like this with electric control are included. But it hadn't been previously. As always I can feel BMW brakes..

I can feel that this car has its own style..

I saw something green on the left, a car and a line..

I like the wheel. There's its own clear vision..

I always lower the seat but still I feel like I'm higher than anyone else..

You drive like a boss. In Q8 the wheel was smoother and faster..

This one is more... more sport-like so to say..

50 mph. 55. 62. It's rather fast. How do you like a diesel car? It goes freat, I can say. Is engine power enough? Well, it's okay. It's absolutely okay. And how much is consumption? -11. -11 litres?! I don't believe that it'll be 11 even with my style of driving..

-With these dynamics? -Yes. Guys, I like X5..

Well, I said it about each car. I can feel a minimalism here. It's so calm here..

It's simple. There are no strange screens..

It's clear and simple. There's just one cool screen..

A huuge one. You can stop and watch youtube and cs games there..

I already know what you can watch here. There's a really cool dash panel..

It's made so well. There's nothing odd. Music, let's listen to it..

Just spin your finger. You can do it like this. To the beat, got it?.

Cool. Really cool..

I'm just having fun, really. You can add speed and it'll go..

You jusst go smoothly and enjoy yourself. -In sports mode does it... -Does it change suspension mode? Yes..

Clearance becomes a bit smaller and the transmission is faster. What do you mean by that? Does it become tougher? It should just tear up. Is there a turbine? I don't feel it..

Did it become smoother? It's not that tough..

I don't feel the steam to turbine..

The sound is pleasent, yes? Well, I like it but if I had to choose... Can we go a bit more?.

I would like to... The wheel pulls to the left..

-It goes to the line. -Yes, it pulls to the left. It's a new thing. New mirrors which show deadzone. But many cars have it as well..

I would like it to be faster if I had to choose..

You can choose a gasoline engine but you can also choose a different one. -4 turbines. -This is 3 litre. What else is available?.

Also 3 litre but with 4 turbines. How much is M50 faster? How many HP does it have? -400 HP. -That's a big number. That's a very big number. How much should you pay in addition for that? If we speak only about basic versions. 21.000. -Euro? -Yes. But you should consider that M50D includes M package as well..

-21" alloy wheels. -Ah, got it. And how much is it separately? 8000 Euro. So the difference will be about 10.000 Euro. -10.000 Euro but you get about 100 more HP. -Yes..

M50D is a gasoline one or you can choose diesel as well?.

Diesel. M50D, D means diesel. Diesel. Noob got it. I like everything, the wheel goes well. The wheel remains still, I released it, see?.

And won't take it..

If the line is drawn, I can release it and it'll still go alright. -It doesn't see it. -And this one on the left..

No, it still pulls to the right a bit. See it? It got back. Wow. Really cool. And now? No, no, that's okay. That's great..

If you don't want a sports cars and you don't want to pay a fortune.

11 litres are nothing for this car. Porsche has the same preorder system. I'm just curious..

20 X5 are ordered to Kharkiv. Only to Kharkiv..

It's sinking, you see. First the front wheel and then the backward one. The front one sank well. Now the backward wheel. Then once again. It sinks up to 4 cm to load the car easily. Now you see we don't need to put extra effort. Well, Sergey is strong, he can carry everything. And those who are weak don't buy BMW usually..

Our market can't live without a spare tire because you can rip even 2 tires..

Guys, if you have a wheel, it's not bad..

You can always save the situation. I liked this car, I'll give it 5 stars..

X5 gets 5 stars.

ЗЕВСАЖ #1 | Порш Каен и BMW. Ответы на различные игры в социальных сетях


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