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Hi, everyone! I'm Zeus and now you're in my house.

I want to have a good time with you, show you my working place And my room as well. We'll just film a bit of my daily life I think it'll be interesting. Let's go We enter an amazing room. Here is my exercise bike.

That's how the room looks like My girlfriend Anastasia got me this shelf.

Recently I've got that there are a lot of Z letters.

How many can you see? Write the number in the comments This idea of dancing astronauts is mine.

I like space theme, disco and good mood. So we combined it all.

My guys hang out and make me happy By the way, this chair is for my collaborator, he works with me.

Show how you work. Why did you leave your working place? We are filming now Didn't you prepare for it? Sit here That's how we work together I play here And Hacker seats with me. I roll him like this He likes this chair. You can spin him and he watches his daddy training.

I use a second monitor for tactics from time to time.

So if we... Okay, I'll tell you some secrets.

When we discuss some tactics and strategies and we have to learn them.

We start to practice them, I have them on the second screen. Very convenient.

I can see them here. But don't show our rounds. We are getting ready for China.

That was a small life-hack The processor is i7 8700k.

16 gb RAM 1080 Ti GTX GeForce graphics card.

Here are ESL medals Every medal is from different tournaments. This one is from ESL Pro Legume Odense.

December 2018 These medals are for participants of the tournament who made it to playoffs.

I can even steal someone's medal.

Many gamers don't value those medals, they throw them away but I collect them.

This one is from Katowice And this one is from the last Major when we lost to ENCE in the semifinal.

Yes, it's 2019, the very last medal Medals used to be like this. Now they are at my parents' house.

You can watch videos on the Internet if you want to In my opinion, teams should be given medals like this to put it around your neck So let's make all medals normal. I have about 20 cs 1.6 medals at home.

But there's no such practice in cs go It's Kane's birthday gift, if I'm not mistaken.

We won this cup in San Jose Intel Extreme Masters 2015.

I ordered it. Original cups go to our organization.

And I ordered this copy 100k youtube play button. Now we have 550k but I don't work on it actively.

90% of my time is for cs go, especially now when the competition is even more higher.

There are more strong teams. So I film videos rarely when I have free time.

Of course I'd like to have 1m subscribers. So, subscribe, guys and share this video.

For everyone to know that Zeus wants a big button I got this helmet from friends of mine from Donbass who participated in anti-terrorist operations It's a real helmet which was in a battle action Guys returned and gave it to me A boxing glove, my fan's gift, her name is Vika.

This is the moment I won Major One birthday I got a lot of paintings at one time I won Major and everybody was looking for a gift for me.

Guys from Digital Company gave me this beautiful portrait.

I didn't hang it on the wall yet Thanks a lot My Kiev fellow Vlad gave me this portrait.

It's a cool work of art, it's done very professionally Thanks everyone for these nice gifts for these minutes of happiness The computer is very powerful. The most important is that I know a man.

Whose name is Nikolay and he sets everything up very cool Even if you have a medium level PC, it's very important to set it up right Specially for the game you play. For cs, for example When I streamed, I had about 300-350 fps.

Different gamers, like Pasha Biceps, wrote to me And he asked how's that? Do you have two pcs?.

No, just one. So if you want to set up your PC, it's not for free, of course.

It costs but not very much. It's about to set up one PC.

I think it's not that much for the work he does There's a dressing room.

A lot of clothes.

Recently I got this suitcase from youtube.

They made me this gift It's very cool Because I'm an active user There's a cool installed power bank..

10000 mah So, youtube, thank you for this amazing suitcase I have a box from HyperX here I think we'll unpack it with you and see what's inside. It'll be interesting.

Even for me, to be honest.

Now we enter the living room That's Sony What games? I don't have so many. I bought them and some of them didn't download.

Someone recommended me Grand Turismo We can also play Fallout and Need for Speed. Let's play races I don't have football as others do. I play it very rarely We play for 7-8 hours and besides that you need to train individually.

Or you have to watch demos Examine your opponents, prepare new tactics And then I don't really want to play anything else.

Usually I do it like this. Get on the sofa, seat comfortably.

I like to play this way My friend had his working place with wheel and pedal.

Then he got into accident and he ended up in a psychiatric hospital.

It was 5 years ago, we used to play together. It's a cool idea to buy a wheel.

But I don't play much It's a loft style We managed to do everything all by ourselves When it first was hanged on the wall, it was the wrong way.

This side was there and that side with Chicago was here.

Got it? It was printed that way And this Chicago side wasn't connected with this brick wall.

My girlfriend couldn't bare it, she got mad She said that the brick building should be here near this brick wall I saw no difference, it was beautiful anyway.

No. What do you think we did? We've been arguing about it for a long time. I told her that it's silly to change and hang the wallpaper once again just because of this detail In the end we changed them. We ordered new wallpaper and threw away the old one.

And we hanged new wallpaper, so that the brick side is here That was our living room. And here is... our bedroom That's how it looks like. It has a certain style as well.

This is Hacker's chair You see, there's a cat on it.

We come here. Hacker, it's your throne. Sit down You're the chief cat. I always tell him that he's the chief cat on this territory.

Don't be afraid We have this cool poster here. Wanted .000.000 Reward I like to give bears as a gift so if you've noticed they're everywhere.

This is a book I've read. It's Elon Musk.

It's about his personality and his childhood his plans and ideas as a billionaire.

I liked it, so if you didn't read it I recommend it to you Here are our photos That's our little Hacker And that's Nastya and I We collect souvenirs from different places in this corner.

Amsterdam, New York, Florida.

Miami We bring cool things from different cities and countries. Recently we've bought this.

It's a magic machine. You need to insert this thing It's not that easy.

I'm in shock to be honest.

You can dance.

It's so loud, yeah? See how many records we have?.

This gramophone is of 1937.

And this is our favourite activity.

We can dance around here.

Here we collect magnets and different stuff Shot glasses Recently we've got these drunk shot glasses.

They are twisted And our best design decision is salt and pepper.

From Amsterdam Hurray! Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for watching! Don't forget to subscribe!

HOUSE TOUR By ZEUS. Ответы на различные игры в социальных сетях


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