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Cubicity #Android Walkthrough Level 21 - 30

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Cubicity #Android Walkthrough Level 21 - 30

Buddy, you ended up in a cubic world! 😲 With your own laws and order, choose your characters and go ahead solve puzzles! 🤓


Make up figures of characters, explode bombs, use teleport and freeze, do whatever you want in this game! Playing for people or animals and in which direction to go is only your choice! The main task is to bring all the heroes to the finish. And do not forget to think through each move for a better result ⭐⭐⭐ and a greater reward 💎💎💎 at the end of each level.

Got a dead end? No problem!

If the level will be very difficult 😬 use one of the four tools.

Game features:

◆ Play for FREE and WITHOUT NAZOLEVOE ADVERTISING, and always will be!

◆ INTERFACE with blocks at levels and USE tools for better results

◆ TRAVEL through 95 unique, colorful and exciting levels.

◆ THINK YOUR every move for better results and greater rewards.

Cubicity #Android Walkthrough Level 21 - 30. Ответы на различные игры в социальных сетях


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