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Аферисты в сИтях - Убить Дебила (ПАРОДИЯ) (e1s1)

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http://bit.ly/2nnt2LH... - Группа, где будет прямая трансляция со мной!

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Юлик - https://vk.cc/5mEmiq...

Кузьма - https://vk.cc/480ENm...

Хованский - https://vk.cc/24lNQS...

Совергон - https://vk.cc/3E9P3D...

Cmh - https://vk.cc/2dPaCZ...

Мотор - https://vk.cc/7EpRXP...

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ВК - https://vk.com/djkartoffan...

Инста - https://www.instagram.com/animebit13/...

Твиттер - https://twitter.com/theanimebit...

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Телеграмм - https://t.me/dksasal...








Это серии пародии на Аферисты в сетях вы увидите как главный герой Данила-Дима Цапля выходит на очередного афериста ( Юлик ) и, чтобы его поймать, его команда (Никита Гридин, Юрий Хованский, Михаил Совергон, Руслан Тушенцов, Мотор) разрабатывает план его разоблачения. Но в конце что-то идет не так и Даниле-Диме приходится сражаться в одиночку с аферистом...

Если тебепомоглоэто видео - напишиСПАСИБО!

Earlier you could meet scammers only on the street But now they penetrated to the internet I - Danila-Dima-Heron Will defeat them in this series and in the following ones, to be sure this is "Scammers in network"! Fuck, funny.

*Burp* Would you like a focus? You fucked me up to come here every day Drinking, smoking, fucking in the toilet -I'll show you the focus and you'll poure me a drink -No.

*Shows a focus* -Fuck out of here already -And that's a focus our new scammer shows And how does he do it, you'll see in this series -Are you an idiot? Where are you looking? -Poure me -Get out! -Just fuck out of here, you fucked me up -Wait a bit -Just fuck out, fuck out, fuck out -Wait, okay, come on.

-Not a long time ago a guy texted me asking to have dinner with him And I immediately had suspicions that he is a scammer I've called my best team to think of a plan to expose him.

-Ok, lets think where do we take our asshole Any ideas? -Well, khm, umm... -Maybe we'll take him to the cafe? -Why are you looking at the camera, fuck, scarecrow?! -So We 100% know that all of scammers are anime fans..

-So I suggest to take him to a japanese restaurant -How are anime fans, japanese restaurant and scammers linked together? -Well We know that all scammers are assholes, right? -Right -And all anime fans are also assholes!.

-Okey, restaurant so restaurant -Lets cut off his penis and put in to his mouth, huh? -No, lets stop on the restaurant. Fine, okay Capture group always has to be near, and where is my micro earphone? Maybe we should be more humane this time? Without tortures, without killing, we're not SWAT, come on -Fuck, we're scammers in network -Wait, we're scammers? -We're a new channel, the whole country is on our shoulders The president counts on us -Hey, we're usual TV staging show You're talking with a man in a wig, are you serious? What are you talking about? -Fine, lets go. And kill him -What the fuck?! -Bye -WHAT THE FUCK?! -Whats going... -Hey, where are you? -Hi, I'm here already -I'm near the house, waiting for you Well, the adress you've told me, I'm standing right here Near the main enter -No, I don't see you -How about I signal? Oh, here you are, how about I'll come to you? -You're far, stay there, I"ll run to you now -Oh, ok.

-Hey -*Screams* -How are you? -Great Jump in, beauty Falcon It's crow -Where do we go? -Lets go to the japanese restaurant -Japanese? Maybe georgian? -No, japanese -Necessarily japanese? -You dont like japanese? -No, its ok Ok, lets go -Stop, wait Fuck, my stomach hurts I've ate something wrong -Maybe, espumizan (medicine)? -Cut his penis right now, right now -Falcon, hang-up, dont cut his penis -You like cars? -Well... Yeah, I do What do you like? Well, except eating? -Cars, so as you -What do you like more? Mechanics, machine? -Pff, mechanics have a penis at least.

-Lets go? -Lets go.

-Yes, president It's me What task? CS? I'm not... I've got it Ok, fine Got it Fuck Hey Hey, cancel mission about capturing that fucking scammer Yes, yes, I have a express mission Well, Bruno Banani organized a tournament On CS:GO for stripping So I have to be the coach Wait, you dont understand, I have to win Because the capitan of other team is Frost Yup, he-he So yes, cancel, but I'll need help Not yours, my subscribers help Them to vote who will be the member of my team The link in the description Yes Yes, cancel.

Finally we've got to a japanese restaurant He seems very cute now -Let me take care of you -That is... I've cutted meat at home, forgot, putted it into my pocket.

Thats not a gun, its a lighter, I dont smoke, just....

Let me hang it by myself -If you'll stand on the roof, you can se women peeing behing the back build....

-Thanks -Thanks.


-Well, maybe for meeting? -For meeting.


-So, what do you like to do? -Caution, falkon, caution, dangerous moment, repeat, dangerous monent -Household materials -Oh, very interesting -Yeah, what about you? -You're not a scammer? *Laughs* -No, I'm deffenetly not a scammer -Want wine? -Yeah -Well, it's more like a knot So when I voltage, there is a trickle of blood Also in a toilet, not a pleasant situation -*Laughs* -That's a good wine -I don't really drink wine, I like coctails more, you know -Sex on the beach for example -Oh, what did he mean? It's great that I have my guys close protecting me -You know Maybe we should go eat?.

-Umm, falcon The operation is done, you are alone now -We're gone, repeat, hang-up -Hang-up And thet I realized that I have to count only on myself God forbid, anything will happen -Umm, you know I have a small present for our first meeting Wait, I'll take it Even if he isn't a scammer, I have to save my life at any cost!.

-You don't like sushi? -I like georgian kitchen more.

-I knew you are a fucking scammer *Laughs* -Who do we have here? A grand scammer catcher? -Will you tell me your plan? -Well, first I'll kill you -And then I'll continiue to deceive everyone in the internet.

-Get ready to die! -Stop! -WINE!.

-You're stupid? You're idiot? If I work on a TV it dosen't mean that I'll pay for all of your tricks Jackie Chan style -Idiot -Sorry, I didn't think of that -Fine, just let me beat you and fuck up with that.

Fuck you.

-Now After I've killed you - no one will stop me I'll deceive everyone in the internet!.


-I've won... -Hey you, bitch, wake up Wake up You were catching scammers again while being high? Wake up, let's go to the shooting -One time I'll put an end to the deception in the internet! Not tomorrow, not day after tomorrow But... -Wake up, hurry!

Аферисты в сИтях - Убить Дебила (ПАРОДИЯ) (e1s1). Ответы на различные игры в социальных сетях


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